Why Did I Make This Website?

For A Better Understanding of Breast Augmentation

woman preparing for breast augmentationJust do an internet search for breast implants or breast augmentation and you will find an enormous amount of information. Perhaps more information than you would ever want to know. Or is it? Despite the abundance of  information, I have often felt that patients may still lack some basic understanding of breast implants, the surgical decision making process, the risks of surgery, and the long term outcomes. Much of this information can, and should be, conveyed during the consultation. That is our job as  physicians, and more importantly, to ultimately tailor that discussion so it is relevant to each individual patient. Yet it sometimes appears that is not the case. It has been my experience that even patients who have already seen one or more surgeons still seem to be missing knowledge that would be beneficial to their decision making process. And maybe less frequently now than in the past, but is is my belief  that more than a handful of surgeons have taken a “low-information” approach to their breast augmentation consultation process – an unfortunate  detriment to our profession. I am still surprised when I hear comments, from patients that have implants –  “I didn’t know they could fail” or “My surgeon said if I went with bigger implants I wouldn’t need a lift, but these are too big and droop too much.”

It is my belief that educated patients generally make good decisions. I have therefore structured my consultation to be comprehensive. I have tried to do the same with this website, adding some additional information for those with a more inquisitive mind.  Although some areas may be a bit (too) detailed, I have included some sections that you may not easily find elsewhere. My hope is that it will serve as a truly useful resource for women as they decide whether breast enlargement surgery is right for them.

Best wishes in your breast enhancement journey.

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