Breast Implant Profile

Implant Profile Refers To Implant Projection

Round implants are now available in low, moderate, high, and ultra-high profile projections. When comparing the shape of low, moderate, and high profile implants—for a given volume, as the implant projection increases, the diameter of the implant decreases. Low profile implants are very flat and have a wide base diameter, while high profile implants have much more projection and a narrower base diameter.

Comparing three Natrelle silicone gel implants of similar volumes:

Low profile:  300cc  12.6 cm diameter x 3.5 cm projection

Moderate profile:  304cc  11.9 cm diameter x 4.0 cm projection

High profile:  300cc  10.9 cm diameter x 4.5 cm projection

Low Moderate and High Profile 300cc Breast Implants

Breast implant profile is not usually something that patients initially need to be concerned about. But having a full selection of low, moderate, and high profile implants helps surgeons select implants using dimensional planning techniques. The most commonly used implant is a round moderate profile device.

Following the introduction of high profile implants in 2001, surgeons are now able to offer patients, with smaller chest and breast sizes, the option of having larger volume implants without having to use an implant that exceeds the patient’s breast width. Some surgeons use high-profile implants routinely, while others do not. When compared to a moderate or low profile implant, some surgeons believe that a high-profile implant provides more fullness in the superior portion (upper pole) of the breast. But high profile implants also place more anteriorly-directed biomechanical stress on the breast; that stress can lead to stretching of the lower pole tissues, with loss of upper pole fullness if the implant descends. If you are particularly concerned with implant profile, speak with your surgeon about how it will affect your results.

In comparison, varying profiles are not offered for anatomically shaped saline-filled implants (such as the Natrelle 468). But some surgeons believe that an anatomically contoured implant gives more projection in the lower portion (lower pole) of the breast, when it is compared to a similar volume round implant. However, anatomically shaped silicone gel implants can be selected in up to four different projections – low, moderate, full, and extra-full projections.


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