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Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon – Milwaukee & Waukesha, WI
Breast Augmentation Specialist

Breast augmentation should enhance not only a woman’s size and shape, but also her self confidence. Breast implant surgery, whether for enlargement or restoration, is a transforming procedure that improves quality of life. Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure, and is associated with a high patient satisfaction.  I strive to make each woman’s experience pleasant and rewarding – through an individualized approach which involves a comprehensive pre-operative evaluation, a realistic discussion of possible and expected results, a precise surgical approach, and compassionate post-operative care.

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When it comes to cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring you will have difficulty finding a better plastic surgeon in Milwaukee than Dr. Dembny. And his patients agree – praising him for his thoroughness and dedication to providing exceptional patient care.

With a reputation for outstanding work and a pleasant demeanor, Dr. Dembny always seeks to provide quality care in an individualized and professional manner. To achieve this goal, he will thoroughly explore the details of each treatment option to help you make an informed surgical decision. As an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Dembny is committed to providing cosmetic procedures with a focus on long-term results and safety. And, to maintain this standard of excellence, Dr. Dembny is committed to continuing medical education and utilizing proven products, technologies, and procedures.

Your decision to have plastic surgery is an important one… your choice of plastic surgeon should be that important as well. If you are considering breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast revision surgery in greater Milwaukee, Dr. Dembny can be a valuable resource in your journey toward personal enhancement. You owe it to yourself to make this a positive life-changing experience.

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I continue to make ‘quality’ the core of my practice philosophy and mission. I am a board-certified plastic surgeon with 18 years of experience, and the skills to individualize each procedure to your aesthetic needs. I will make every effort to ensure that your visit is an informative, personal, and pleasant experience. Thank you for placing your trust in us…it is our privilege to care for you.

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