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The Ideal Implant was created with one criteria in mind — that it contain only saline, but feel like a silicone gel breast implant.

What Is The “Ideal” Breast Implant?

Saline breast implants are filled with a sterile solution of 0.9% sodium chloride in water. This saline solution, just like water, has no structure and assumes the shape of its container.

In a traditional saline implant the saline solution assumes the shape of the implant shell. This is a single layer shell that provides a minimally structured shape at lower fill volumes; and only achieves a more stable shape at higher fill volumes where the implant consistency is quite firm. When a traditional saline implant is filled to its specified volume the implant is pliable, floppy, and ripples quite easily. In fact, if the implant is held flat on the palm of your hand and shaken back and forth gently, waves are easily generated within the implant. It is these characteristics of the saline solution that help to define its fluid-like feel, and why these implants have a greater tendency to ripple. 

In contrast, the Ideal Implant is a “structured” saline breast implant that consists of a series of shells nested inside one another. Depending upon the implant volume the Ideal Implant is made up of three to five shells. The Ideal Implant also consists of two lumens (or chambers), one inside the other, that are filled with saline solution. The inner chamber is filled to a specified amount, while the fill volume of the outer chamber can be varied/adjusted slightly. Located within this outer chamber is a baffling system of several shells. These baffle shells contain small slits which allow for some flow of saline but do substantially reduce the movement of the saline solution within the outer chamber. It is these baffles that help provide additional structure to the Ideal Implant by creating resistance to the movement and flow of the saline solution within the implant. It is this resistance to flow, and a reduction in fluid wave formation, that gives the implant a softer feel that resembles that of silicone gel.


This illustration shows the structuring provided by the internal baffles. The inner lumen is filled from the posterior surface, and the outer lumen which contains the baffles is filled from the anterior surface. The baffles provide resistance to the movement of the saline within the outer lumen. By reducing the propagation of waves with in the implant, the Ideal Implant has a softer (less “watery”) feel.

The Ideal Implant  is not constructed with any new materials. It consists of the same safe silicone elastomer shell and valve materials that are used to manufacture traditional saline implants.

Is The Ideal® Breast Implant Safe?

The Ideal Breast Implant was approved by the FDA in 2014, and has been steadily gaining popularity since.

What Are The Advantages Of The Ideal Implant® ?

The Ideal Implant is only filled with a sterile saline solution, and so it therefore has the same safety profile of a traditional saline breast implant. However, because the Ideal Implant is designed like no other traditional saline breast implant, it has a soft and natural consistency that feels similar to silicone gel.

If the Ideal Implant should fail, the saline solution leaks through the hole in the implant shell and is absorbed by the body; saline is harmless. As the saline is absorbed by the body, the volume of the breast decreases, and the breast deflates. With the Ideal Implant, to know if your implants are intact, simply look in the mirror. 

Because the Ideal Implant does not contain any silicone gel there are no “silent failures”. MRI scans of the breast are not needed to assess implant integrity, and there is no risk of  silicone gel migration into the tissues.


19-year-old woman presented for breast enlargement. Post-operative picture shows results one year after submuscular breast augmentation with the double-lumen, saline-filled structured Ideal Implant filled to 305 cc.

Is The Ideal Implant Right for You?

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