Testimonials from Dr. Dembny’s Breast Augmentation Patients

Breast augmentation has a very high satisfaction rate. Here are a few comments from some of our patients.

19 yo breast augmentation; Port Washington, WI –

“I love my girls! Now I don’t feel like a boy. They’ve changed my life.”


19 yo breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“Dr. Dembny was very thorough and took the best care of me. He was kind and always made me feel comfortable.


22 yo breast augmentation; Wauwatosa, WI –

“I love them and I have much more confidence.”


23 yo breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“They are perfect and I’m healing well. I love ‘em. People ask, ‘Who’s your plastic surgeon? He did a great job’.”


23 yo woman breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“I had a wonderful experience and have already recommended Dr. Dembny to others. I always felt like I had a one-on-one interaction, like I was the only and most important patient. My consultation was great. Dr. Dembny took the time to know me, answer all my questions, explain the options, etc. I was very impressed by the time he took. I walked away from the consultation confident, excited, and ready for my procedure. Thanks to everyone, especially Dr. Dembny!”


23 yo breast augmentation; Greendale, WI –

Dr. Dembny is fantastic, very informative and has a great office staff. I cannot recommend him enough!


24 yo breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“I am very pleased with how everything turned out.”


26 yo woman following breast augmentation; Bayview, WI –

“I had a great experience at Dr. Dembny’s office. He was very professional. I will recommend Dr. Dembny to my friends.


26 yo breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“Dr. Dembny was wonderful! I found him on the internet with good reviews. My entire experience was about me, not the procedure. I am very pleased with my results!”


27 yo woman’s comment at her 1 month follow-up visit; Menomonee Falls, WI –

“Dr. Dembny, my husband hasn’t had a chance, but he wanted me to tell you, ‘Thank you.’ ”


27 yo following consultation for breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

Dr. Dembny, First of all, I would like to thank you for your time during my consultation.  You were extremely knowledgeable and you made me feel at ease.  I am even more comfortable with my decision to have my breast augmentation. Your office did call to set up the surgery time… Again, thank you for being so easy to work with.


28 yo breast augmentation; Mequon, WI –

“They’re great! I’m so happy.”


29 yo breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“Dr. Dembny was recommended to me, and when I called the staff was very friendly. I called several offices, and did not have the same positive experience. Friends have asked about my surgery and my satisfaction. I have referred them to Dr. Dembny. I couldn’t have asked for better service!”


30 yo breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“I was very impressed with Dr. Dembny after meeting with him at my first consult. I never felt rushed. Dr. Dembny was very thorough in explaining the procedure pre-op, and answered all of my questions post-op. I love my results! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Dembny to my friends!”


Email from 30 yo woman following breast augmentation revision for implant malposition; Hartland, WI –

“Dr Dembny, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my surgery.  For the last six months I felt that I had lost all self-confidence, I now have it back thanks to you!  You are a great doctor and I appreciate the time you spent with me.  My breasts look and feel fantastic!”


31 yo breast augmentation; Waukesha, WI –

“Thank you again for taking so much time to answer all of my questions and of course doing such a great job on my surgery!  I was so nervous for nothing and I love the outcome!”


33 yo breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“What I like about them, is that if you didn’t know me you wouldn’t know I had anything done. They look very natural and proportionate. Thanks.”


33 yo breast augmentation; West Bend, WI –

“My husband would rate my results as an 11! I feel wonderful and am doing really well. I really like my breast size and they feel very natural. I’m doing great.”


33 yo breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“You’d never know it wasn’t me. They look very natural and I am very pleased with the results.”


35 yo breast augmentation to restore shape after pregnancy; Menomonee Falls, WI –

“They are great and I ‘m proud of what I’ve done. Even my daughter says, ‘They look nice mommy’.”


35 yo breast augmentation to restore size and shape after pregnancy; Milwaukee, WI –

DR. DEMBNY IS AWESOME!!!! Dr. Dembny is very thorough, polite & is dedicated to making sure your properly educated & informed regarding your procedure in question so ultimately you can feel confident in your decision & is with you every step of the way pre & post surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Dembny. Thanks Dr. Dembny for doing an awesome job with my breast augmentation & injections! All the complements reinforce that I made the correct decision. You rock!


35 yo breast augmentation; Oshkosh, WI –

“I chose Dr. Dembny because of his professionalism and experience. The office staff was friendly and helpful. His detailed consultation prepared me well for surgery. I telephoned Dr. Dembny with post-operative concerns and he telephoned me back promptly and addressed all of my concerns, and reminded me to call again with any other questions. My experience was friendly and informative, and I am thrilled with my excellent result.”


36 yo woman 3 months after saline breast augmentation; Oconomowoc, WI –

“I’m doing great. I’m very happy with how they look, how they feel, and how I feel. Thank you. You did a great job.”


36 yo after many years of considering breast augmentation; Franksville, WI –

“I’m so glad I had the BA. They look great!!  You did a great job! Thank You.”


37 yo woman’s email 2 weeks following silicone gel breast augmentation; West Allis, WI –

“Hi Dr. Dembny, Just wanted to make sure to say thank you for doing such an excellent job on my surgery! I am so pleased, they are perfect 🙂 “


Husband of a 37 yo woman at a 5 week follow-up visit: Milwaukee, WI –

“I have to make sure that I keep looking only in her eyes.”


39 yo woman 4 days following silicone gel breast augmentation; Williams Bay, WI –

“They look great. You did an amazing job. When the pain gets too bad I just go into the bathroom and pull down my compression top to take a look. I’m thrilled.”


40 yo woman after silicone gel breast augmentation and lift; Brookfield, WI –

“Thanks for taking such good care of me. You have done an awesome job. You’re the BEST.”


40 yo breast augmentation and lift; West Allis, WI –

“I am thrilled to have a new shape and enjoy the new look (and looks). You are a skilled surgeon and your patients must be proud to have chosen you to help them.”


41 yo woman who had silicone gel breast augmentation; Milwaukee, WI –

“I saw two other doctors before I met with Dr. Dembny. But I knew shortly after the consult began that he would be my surgeon. Dr. Dembny is knowledgeable, thorough, and took time to answer my questions. His consultation was much more detailed, and I learned more by talking to him, even though  I had already seen other doctors. I had no problems with surgery, and the post-op care was attentive. I am so glad I decided on silicone gel. I absolutely love my new breasts and they feel natural. Thank you soooo much Dr. Dembny, I feel great!”


43 yo woman following breast augmentation, breast lift and tummy tuck; Brookfield, WI –

“I feel new!”


52 yo woman who had removal and replacement of ruptured silicone gel implants: Milwaukee, WI –

“Dear Dr. Dembny, Thank you very much for the wonderful care you gave me throughout my procedure. I appreciate your patience with my many questions. I also want to compliment you on your office staff.”


52yo woman who had capsulectomy and removal and replacement of her right breast implant for capsular contracture; Palmyra, WI –

“Confidence is 90% of any procedure and I felt totally at ease, and happy to contemplate any surgical procedure, with Dr. Dembny and his facility – then and in the future. I would recommend Dr. Dembny to my friends because of his attention to detail and my end result.”



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