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    Ken Dembny

    What are your greatest concerns about breast augmentation?


    Coming out of surgery and weeks after healing and I look “deformed” persa… like those horrible “botched” stories you come across every once in a while. Thats my biggest and greatest fear. My second is putting a hole in my small finances, but being teased even at the age of 28 takes a toll on ones emotions and even personality so I may have to go down the road of breast augmentation.

    Ken Dembny

    Thanks for your honest concerns – these are all very legitimate. It is important that you select a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc. to perform your procedure. The consultation process should give you the opportunity to meet your surgeon, and discuss the options available to you. The benefits, risks, complications, and anticipated outcome should be discussed during your consultation so you can make an informed decision. You may wish to visit more than one surgeon so you have different points of view, and can then select the options that integrate well with your goals. Your surgeon should understand your concerns and have your interests in mind; he or she should be someone you trust. With this type of consultation process, and a good relationship with your surgeon, I know you will feel more comfortable about having breast enhancement surgery.

    With respect to pricing, you will find differences between all surgeons. Make sure you understand what is included in the fees you are quoted and ultimately pay. There are financing options available to you if you choose to use them. Our patients have not had any problems using CareCredit. But breast augmentation surgery should not break your bank, and you should approach this decision responsibly like you would other financial decisions you make.

    Breast augmentation surgery has a high satisfaction rate, and patients are very pleased with their results. Many express a renewed self confidence and feel more feminine.
    I would refer you to the following links to view patient comments.

    And you can read about some other patient’s experiences with breast augmentation (see the Patient Story links on the left side of the page)

    Best wishes. KDD


    I agree with you. I cant wait to sit down with you. One of the caring doctors I have talked to about this. Cant wait to meet in person to discuss this! Thanks alot Dr. Dembny.

    Alex Meek

    I agree good surgeon is our first need…
    Breast Lift Baltimore surgery has a high fulfillment rate, and patients are exceptionally satisfied with their outcomes. Numerous express a reestablished fearlessness and feel more ladylike.


    I wholeheartedly agree with your review.
    Thank you
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