PATIENT 301 – Capsulectomy for Capsular Contracture – Whitewater, WI
51 yo woman, 5’3’tall, weight 130 pounds.
Subglandular silicone gel breast augmentation in 1989. Developed bilateral capsular contracture, and had capsulectomy, site change to subpectoral position, removal of failed implants, silicone gel implant replacement, and a breast lift in 2004.
She then developed a recurrent right capsular contracture, grade III.
Pre-operative breast size: 36C-cup
Four month post-operative photographs following subtotal right capsulectomy, reconstruction of the right lateral and inframammary fold, and right implant replacement with Natrelle smooth, round, style 40, 500cc silicone gel breast implant.
Post-operative breast size: 36-cup